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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Catholic Bishops Are Hypocrites And Cowardly

We all know the roman catholic bishops never ever protested George Bush’s war or the fact that he signed death warrants one hundred and fifty-four times while governor of Texas.

Now the bishops are trying to protect Fortress Catholica with letters from themselves protesting President Obama’s commencement address and honorary degree at Notre Dame because of the president’s pro choice stance.

Have the catholic bishops or has any one catholic bishop ever had a discussion with the president before they started this letter releasing campaign? I doubt it. It is not their style. In the absence of any kind of dialogue in the face of what is basically a pastoral issue they condemn from afar. It is rather cowardly.

What I have heard the president say is that he would like to reduce the number of abortions. He would like to provide support for young mothers so that they don’t need to get abortions. Is there not enough middle ground here for the bishops to begin to engage in some kind of dialogue? Not for them it seems.

No, the bishops are going to continue to mix religion and politics forgetting that in this country there is freedom of religious expression and a wall that separates religion and government. It seems the bishops are forfeiting any voice they could have in effecting legislation that might, just might reduce the number of abortions because of their grandstanding. The bishops act like ecclesiastical policemen and certainly not like pastors. I long for the days when there will be pastoral bishops again!

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