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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Bishops On Funding Contraception

Here is a letter/diary from this morning over on DailyKos that deserves mention.

The writer is Catholic and is critical of his bishop's recent letter chastising the Obama administration for requiring employers like the church to pay for health care coverage that includes contraception. The letter and many of the comments are worth reading. The writer's solution at the end of the letter is a good one. Obama and the bishops should take notice.

I’ve included the opening of the letter. The link will take you to the letter/diary.
My Dear Lord Bishop X.
(I just assume you prefer the medieval title)
I sat in the pew on Sunday morning recently and listened with interest to your letter warning of the threat to religious liberty posed by the Obama administration's recently announced rules regarding mandated coverage for contraception and other health care procedures you find distasteful. I have to say I found it to be the most brilliant letter from you regarding the Churches Social Teaching since the one last year about the rights of workers to bargain collectively.
What's that you say? You wrote no such letter? I could have sworn that a courageous leader such as yourself would loudly proclaim the Church's teaching on this matter in light of the highly public efforts in Wisconsin and Ohio to curb this fundamental human right which was the foundation of the Church's modern Social Teaching way back in 1874.
Oh well, never mind. I must thinking of your forceful letter endorsing an end to capitol punishment consistent with the church's longstanding teaching regarding the sanctity of human life. ... You never wrote such a letter? Oh...

Click here to go to the diary/letter on DailyKos

I especially like the additional comment from the diarist concerning a statement from the same bishop complaining in a column in the diocesan paper about the hymn All Are Welcome. The bishop didn't think that's true. According to the diarist the bishop said that all are not welcome. Some are damned. How do these bishops presume to call themselves shepherds?


  1. Great letter -- keep up the good work 'Wild Hair', BB, Parramatta, Australia

  2. Good to see you BB. Thanks for your comment. Good to see folks in the pews pushing back against the men in purple and red.