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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan Pick Divides Bishops?

                                                     Bishop Morlino

I have been wondering if the selection of Congressperson Paul Ryan of Janesville, Wisconsin who is Catholic and lives in the Diocese of Madison whose Bishop is the Most Reverend Robert Morlino will support Mr Ryan's candidacy. Here is a thoughtful reflection outlining the issue. Ryan, A Cafeteria Catholic? The Horror! 

The sisters  Catholic Sisters Rally Against Ryan's Budget ; the Franciscan Friars have invited Mitt Romney to come and meet real poor people Franciscan Friars Criticise Mitt Romney and the Embracing of the Ryan Budget ; and even the bishops themselves have criticsed the budget proposals submitted by Congressperson Ryan as hurtful and harmful to the least among us. ( Matt. 25.) US Bishops Say Ryan Budget Hurts Poor .

I want to know what Bishop Morlino is going to do? Is he going to threaten to deny communion to Congressperson Ryan? Is he going to call for dialogue with Mr. Ryan? Will he send out a pastoral letter saying that Catholics will incur excommunication if they vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. It's clear Mr. Ryan has no regard for Roman Catholic Social Teaching.


  1. Well put 'Wild Hair' ~~ Ryan's selection poses a fundamental challenge for US church authorities...bishops' response to that dreadful Ryan budget proposal was admirable. But they are in synch with Ryan et alia on opposition to good health care policy and GBLT rights being promoted by The President. They appear to be going in two different directions at once.

  2. I suspect bishops like Morlino will hide behind the 'nothing trumps abortion' shtick and Ryan's budget will be a matter of 'prudential' judgment.

    I see this as a come to Jesus moment for the USCCB, and it's strange to think the US Presidential election could hinge on how swing Catholic voters decide between proponents of reactionary pro life politics and progressive social justice politics.

  3. Colkoch, I agree. I have had the feeling that the bishops finally spoke out on the Ryan budget to cover themselves from appearing too politically partisan on sexy issues.

    Well, if the polling is to be believed, Catholics are now in favor of marriage equality be a small majority.

    It will be interesting to see how the abortion debate plays out. Ryan is a supporter of the Sanctity of Human Life Act that defines a fertilized egg as a human being. A personhood amendment was recently defeated by voters in Mississippi.

    This all makes for an interesting election for Catholic voters.

    There are probably enough other issues for the bishops to hide behind. In the end, I suspect this crop of bishops will come down on the abortion question. I will, however, wait for the holy communion wars to begin.

  4. BB

    I'd like it if the bishops are publically divided.

    Somewhere there is something about a divided house not being able to stand.

    Love to see the end of this good ole boys club.

    The good thing...It seems Catholics are coming of age, or have come of age and will make their own decisions.