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Monday, November 5, 2012

One Term More - I Approve This Message

Since some bishops can endorse candidates, I decided to offer my own. 

This has apparently been around for about two months. I just saw it today and decided to put it here. It was rather refreshing to listen to something musical after all the political ads in the battleground county in a battleground state where I live. The video is a parody from the song "One Day More" from Les Miserables.

One Term More!  A time to celebrate democracy
Repeal Republican hypocrisy.
This man who would unseat Barack's
A bleak choice at the ballot box.
One Term More!
A G.O.P. perdition-bound,
All sense of right & wrong eroded.
One Term More!
With laws that let 'em stand their ground,
Republicans are locked & loaded.
Contraception's now a sin,
Screwing G.M. in the clutch.
Incivility's a virtue,
Homophobic. Out of touch.
Filibusters. Budget scrums.
Ultrasounds & speculums.
To the Dark Side they've succumbed.
Soon Election Day will dawn,
We were meant to hold this seat!
At the ballot box of freedom,
Unemployment's in retreat!
Now the battle lines are drawn,
And Detroit's back on its feet!
Will you take your place with me!
The time is NOW the vote is NEAR!
One Term More!
One more day to re-election,
And until the music stops,
We will fight to save the jobs of
Teachers, firemen & cops!
One Term More!
One more day to resolution,
We'll defeat those fetid nuts,
We are fed up with pernicious
Talk of prostitutes & sluts!
Watch 'em throwing up,
Minting malcontent,
Drinkin' all that tea's
Made them incontinent!
Dissembling persists,
Divisiveness prevails,
Calling colleagues Communists
Is OFF the rails!
Listen to them spew,
"Femi-Nazi" rage,
Misogynistic rants
From the Jurassic Age!
To Obama's second inning,
He'll drive home another run!
Norma Rae let sisters sing,
Rosa Parks let freedom ring!
For Obama's just beginning,
Yes! The West Wing WILL be won!
AND we'll get the Dream Act DONE!
My place is here, I vote with you!
One Term More!
Emboldened by Star-Spangled myth,
We want a JEDI…NOT a SITH!!!
Petty partisan obstruction's
Why we've gridlock on the Hill!
One Term More!
Healthcare is a right,
Medicare's a must,
Don't let rogue Republicans
Betray that trust!
Speaking of betrayal,
Bullied by his peers,
Tackled to the ground,
Screams turned into tears.
Hunting down the queer,
Cutting off his hair,
SPIKED the ball, yet… "Can't
Recall" if he was there???
It's his character we question!
Mom, apple pie & Chevrolet,
Don't let 'em down Election Day!
That's when we will determine
What our God in Heaven has in store!
(One More Time!)

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  1. One more term indeed -- well endorsed 'Wild Hare'. Certainly a balance to all those RC bishops endorsing the Republicans and frothing at the mouth against effective access to healthcare.

  2. Great to hear from you. As the candidates would say: "Thanks for your support". I am getting more confident. It's been kinda difficult living in a republican area where the signs of the opposition party are stolen.

    I just want to say; republicans have no ideas. They only win with voter suppression and bluster.

    The USA would be better served by a real opposition party.

    I just heard that Romeny ran as the "post truth candidate".

    What does that say about the USA? Sounds like the vatican.