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Monday, April 8, 2013

UH OH ...Excommunicated! ...Again ...Update ...Three Cardinals Support Civil Unions.

This time I am asked to excommunicate myself. Why? I support same sex marriage. Where does the church find these hirelings?

The last time I think I was excommunicated was when I flew over the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska while being a member of Call To Action. I am not sure I was still a member of Dignity USA at the time. It would have been double jeopardy.

Is this the best a bishop can do? Excommunicate people. No wonder "Former Catholics" is one of the fastest growing denominations. There are so many other issues other than same sex marriage that call for attention even in the marriage/relationship realm. 

It does not seem that the bishop of Detroit has got the message of the new pope to smell like the sheep.

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  1. A lot of excommunication these days. Bit of a thin strategy