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Sunday, July 29, 2012



A new pastor for the archdiocese of San Francisco?  It's more like a political appointment in this US election year.

Go here for a solid analysis.


  1. the political & gender analysis really works. Thanks for bringing this to the attention those who live in the "Land Down Under".

  2. BB

    Looks again like the work of the American cardinals in Rome, like Law, Levada, and Burke who brought us the investigation of the sisters.

    Now the infamous architect of Proposition 8 is going to be head rc bishop in SF. Nothing pastoral about this appointment.

    Law is lucky he got out of Boston with his red cassock in one piece. This is even more true now with the developments in the sexual abuse story in Philadelphia and the conviction of Msgr. Lynn.

    Law is a real dissapointment. During the civil rights era he was a light in the catholic church in Mississippi. It seems he has been walking back from human rights ever since he left there.

    Protecting the institution seems to have dulled any pastoral sensitivity.