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Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Does Get Worse

Greg Burke

So, the US bishops thought they needed a PR person to help them be seen in a better light.

Well, the Vatican has beat them to it. "Gerg Burke, a Fox correspondant for Europe and the Middle East and a member of the right-wing Catholic group Opus Dei, has been hired as a “senior communications advisor” to the Vatican’s political arm, the Secretariat of State."

More of the story is here. Vatican Hire Fox News Correspondent and Opus Dei Member Communication Consultant

I would not put much trust in a person from "fair and balanced" fox. It will take more than this to reform the Vatican and men in the Curia and the image of the church they project.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nuns On A Bus...Question Austerity

This caught my attention over at Dailykos this morning. Progressive folks in Wisconsin began the "Operation Light Brigade" as a way to rally folks during the recall election of Governor Scott Walker.

It appears those progressive Wisconsin people plan to continue "Operation Light Brigade" and the movement for progressive causes. So they invited the sisters who where on a bus trip to join them. The sisters were on their way from the Wisconsin home of Congressman Paul Ryan when they received an invitation to one of the OLB protests. The purpose of the nuns' bus tour is to highlight the difficulties those in the lower income tiers are suffering because of all the government austerity moves especially with cutbacks in social services to the poor. The nuns accepted the invitation to join the Overpass Light Brigade and took a place on one of Wisconsin’s interstate overpasses to "Question Austerity".

The hierarchs aren’t the only ones who can play politics. This will probably cause some of those cardinals especially in Rome to get their capae magnae twisted in a knot. It's a great story. The nuns continue to be on the cutting edge. You've gotta to love the sisters.

The story is here: Nuns Join the Overpass Light Brigade


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Catholics And Same Sex Marriage in Washington State

                                                 Governor Chris Gregoire
                                            A Courageous Catholic Leader

A friend called before 7:00 AM this morning to make sure that I heard the story on NPR about the vote for marriage equality in Washington State. He said that NPR interviewed the pastor at St. Joseph's Church in Seattle who supports civil marriage for same sex couples. The pastor, according to the story, received overwhelming support from the parish.

At the close of the story, a young fifteen year old girl who has reached Confirmation age, is asked her opinion. The interviewer suggests her opinion is reflective of a newer and yournger generation of Roman Catholics.

The link to that story on Morning Edition is here.
Interviews with Catholics about Same Sex Marriage in Seattle