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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice...Advent Reflection

Today this article caught my attention on the Huffington Post. The article was written by Grove Harris. She is described as a writer, speaker and consultant on religious diversity in America.

Harris asks some questions in her solstice article that I think any advent preacher would want to offer to his or her listeners.

The entire article is worth reading. Reflecting on the cycle of the seasons, Harris asks these questions: how do we live in the rhythms of this cyclic life?

The whole article is here.

The questions she asks are these:  "In what ways am I hibernating, turning inward, and resting at this time? What new ray of insight am I looking for, to guide me in the coming year? What's being born in me in the dark season, to be sheltered for a while and brought forth in the spring season? Solstice meditations can feed the year ahead."


Happy Solstice, Happy Advent!