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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Now that summer is here it is time for a weekend trip. This last weekend in June I will be going to Chicago to visit friends. It is also Pride Weekend in Chicago and the parade is Sunday. I do plan to attend with my friends.

Here are a few thoughts for Pride. After I watched President Obama speaking to the LGBT Pride Reception at the White House on Tuesday, June 22nd. , I knew once again why I voted for him. You can watch him here.  Obama gets it right.

One person who does not get it right, and I am sure who will not be seen at the Pride Parade will be Cardinal George. He will probably be hiding in his mansion. Lately I have been thinking about an evangelization strategy that goes something like this: “If the people you want to take the gospel to are dancing in the town square, you need to be dancing in the town square.” I am sure there will be dancing and many other festive activities this Sunday in Chicago in Boys Town.  I just want to say that I am grateful for all those who have ministered over the years to the GLBT community. I would add that the love talked about in the gospel is and will be very much a part of that celebration on Sunday even without his eminence.