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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Forecast....Dolan Prays Away Antichrist Hurricane?

Red Hatted Dolan is going toTampa as a humble priest to pray. First he will need to pray away the Jewish Issac/Antichrist Obama Hurricane from raining on Romney's Parade. We could just use a little rain where I live.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan Pick Divides Bishops?

                                                     Bishop Morlino

I have been wondering if the selection of Congressperson Paul Ryan of Janesville, Wisconsin who is Catholic and lives in the Diocese of Madison whose Bishop is the Most Reverend Robert Morlino will support Mr Ryan's candidacy. Here is a thoughtful reflection outlining the issue. Ryan, A Cafeteria Catholic? The Horror! 

The sisters  Catholic Sisters Rally Against Ryan's Budget ; the Franciscan Friars have invited Mitt Romney to come and meet real poor people Franciscan Friars Criticise Mitt Romney and the Embracing of the Ryan Budget ; and even the bishops themselves have criticsed the budget proposals submitted by Congressperson Ryan as hurtful and harmful to the least among us. ( Matt. 25.) US Bishops Say Ryan Budget Hurts Poor .

I want to know what Bishop Morlino is going to do? Is he going to threaten to deny communion to Congressperson Ryan? Is he going to call for dialogue with Mr. Ryan? Will he send out a pastoral letter saying that Catholics will incur excommunication if they vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. It's clear Mr. Ryan has no regard for Roman Catholic Social Teaching.