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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Personal Rant on the "new" Roman Missal

Cardinal Pell and the new missal
I have been looking for places and things to do to protest the new RC Missal. Last weekend I presided at two public RC liturgies. I tried to adhere to the new book. I think it is cumbersome and violates the norms the Second Vatican Council set down for the use of vernacular languages. The new lectionary reads like nothing I have ever spoken.

My host pastor asked me what I thought of the new missal. Since I was in somewhat new territory, I tried to be careful.  I said I did not like it. He then offered some examples that made me think I was in friendly territory.

The Vatican under Benedict seems to be in disarray. If the new missal is supposed to be part of Benedict’s legacy, then I think the Benedict will not be remembered as great.

I listened to the talks with Cardinal Pell who shepherded the "new" missal to completion. I listened as Benedict praised Pell for his efforts in binging about the "new" missal. Benedict and Pell were stroking one another and were removed from reality. They where talking to one another. The were not talking to me.  A good priest friend of mine tried to tell me that the whole "new" missal was insignificant. He would go on his way and do pastorally what would give him life. In the meantime I am stuck with a really crappy translation of the Mass.

I would still like to find ways to protest what Benedict has wrought. Suggestions!


  1. A google translation would have been better.

    There are typographical errors such as referring to the Romans as "Italians" (at least here in Canada). Errors of judgment, and/or, conservative political influence, by using less inclusive language are more serious. I can no longer pray the creed because of "for us men and our salvation". This clearly excludes women from salvation. I no longer feel in communion with the church on this one issue alone.

    There is the obvious contradiction of the Gospel when it comes to the matter of whom Jesus came for, the "many" versus the "all".

    There is no elegance or beauty in the wording, nothing poetic, just foreign sentence structure and archaic wording.

    In other words, it is awful.


  2. p2p

    Someone should try a google translation. I used "Google Translation" recently for some German. The wonderful thing was that I could tweak google to arrive at a readable and understandable translation. The folks behind this missal translation are more rigid than a computer program.

    Inclusiveness has been a regular problem and now it is worse. For me the problem in the creed is the shift from the plural and communitarian "We believe" to "I believe". This wording in the creed strikes at the entire communitarian aspect of the liturgy. Might as well as go back to saying your roasry during Mass.

    I agree completely that the theology of the words of institution are flawed. Can I say heretical?

    This is not a reform. It's a wreck.

    1. Good point!

      Isn't a central message of the gospel to move from me to we?



  3. Seems like it was the central message of the Second Vatican Council,too, particularly in the area of spirituality.

  4. Well the new missal has taken the talk from the sex abuse scandal.

    Perhaps that was the reason for it?
    I left the church last year. But, I have lots of friends who still attend church and not one of them likes it.

    I honestly think Benedict had to do something.
    And you are right, This pope will not be well remembered.