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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Republican Rape Advisory Chart.

I am still trying to find out how Todd Akin's anti rape sperm defense shield works. How does it deploy? Can it be made to work in non rape situations? If it did, what would the RC bishops' position be?

It does not seem the republicans know much more than I do. In the interest of public service and information I am publishing this Republican Rape Advisory Chart. It has appeared in a few places. I saw it at Dailykos.  Here:

DailyKos...Diary on Republican Rape Advisory Chart

The chart is above.


  1. Bad as our Australian politicians can be, none have followed this crazy, insulting view of rape. Tells us a lot about the Republicans & their religious cheer squad.

  2. Heck, I really believe erectile dysfunction is a gift from God and ED Drugs are intrinsically evil, thwarting God's will.

  3. Ah, now I know why I have never been a big fan of Senator Bob Dole. It's for all those Viagra commercials. He must be intrinsically evil.