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Monday, January 7, 2013

Signs of the Time -- New Gay Congressman Sworn In Surrounded by Family

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s brother Mark Maloney, left, sister-in-law Sharon Maloney, Speaker John Boehner, partner Randy Florke, daughter Essie Maloney Florke, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, daughter Daley Maloney Florke and son Jesus Florke pose during Maloney’s mock swearing-in ceremony. / Courtesy photo

Here is a picture of House Speaker John Boehner swearing in the new Congressperson from the 18th Congressional District in New York, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18:).  The picture shows Congressman Maloney with his husband, Randy Florke and their children.

Scott Wooledge has a lengthy diary up over at Dailykos about the picture and how much progress has been made on the issues of same sex marriage and rights for gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered people.  Link to Scott Wooledge's diary at Dailykos  

The first comment following the diary remarks how uncomfortable Speaker Boehner looks. Well, Speaker Boehner is from southwest Ohio, Cincinnati originally. Now, Mark Twain is quoted as saying about Cincinnati that he wanted to be in Cincinnati when the world ended because everything gets there ten years later. In ten more years just maybe John Boehner will be more comfortable with same sex marriage. Nancy Pelosi if she was fortunate enough to have been returned to the Speaker’s Chair would not look uncomfortable in this situation. I am amused that both John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are Roman Catholic. It seems that the Roman Catholic bishops in this country continue to live in some other world even beyond Cincinnati in their continuing bigoted rant against same sex marriage. No telling how many years it will take them to catch on and catch up.

Scott Wooledge’s diary begins with how Maggie Gallagher the founding president and board chair of the National Organization for Marriage is taking leave of the organization and its publication is being shut down following this past election.

Maggie Gallagher is not happy about all this and still holds to the belief that same sex marriage is wrecking straight marriages. Scott Wooledge's diary is worth the read as he shows the weaknesses of most of Maggie Gallaher’s arguments. It seems to me that if Maggie Gallagher's passion was more focused on helping and supporting all relationships then all marriages would be helped. She wouldn't have to fret that the gays are tearing apart straight marriages. The bishops could help, but alas they are lost in another world.  

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  1. Wild Hair - you've done it again. A quiet, reflective essay. Maggie Gallagher has her equivalent among Catholic & other theologians, e.g. the UK's John Milbank. Fixed, false beliefs will never let evidence interfere with lived reality.