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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Breen Brothers Continue to Lead the Local Church--This Time on Gun Control

Joe Pat is a Vatican II priest who has taken on the Vatican and popes especially on married priests and the ordination of women. Joe Pat and his priest brother Phil provide progressive leadership in their diocese. Either one of them could have or should have been the bishop. Today Joe Pat spoke out on the issue of gun control, specifically calling for the ban of assault rifles.

"The priests want to initiate a nationwide movement supporting Vice President Joe Biden's gun violence task force."
Here is what Joe Pat had to say. Father Breen Speaks Out For Gun Contol  

I was just reflecting that I had a shotgun that I used for hunting during the years I lived in the deep woods of Mississippi. When I moved to the inner city of Nashville I sold that gun. I lived there for seventeen years in a wonderful inner city neighborhood. I never felt the need for a gun even though there was gun violence around me.

The State of Tennessee has avoided becoming once again the laughing stock of the nation by taking away this guy's right to carry concealed weapons. State of Tennessee Revokes Yeager's Permit to Carry Concealed Weapon 

Thanks for priests like Joe Pat Breen and his brother Phil.


  1. Wild, I don't understand why some of these guys aren't prosecuted for treason.

  2. I agree. This time Tennessee surprised me. It surprised me because republicans run the state right now with majorites in the house and senate, plus the governor. This fellow Yeager was just a bit too much. I understand he's come out with another video with his lawyer present, get that a lawyer and no gun, at least it seems.