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Monday, February 11, 2013


Well this was a surprise to wake up to before the first cup of coffee. Just wanted to jump in on the news. Read about it everywhere...


  1. I hope he takes the new English Sacramentary with him into retirement.

  2. A wise move on B.XVI's part -- remember the dreadful images of JPII trying to talk & function while in major physical decline.

  3. Hi BB. I'm glad B16 is going to quit. He's German. He's probably an ennegram 6. We know about them. Duty first.

    Seems he's recognized the job is too big for him. The job may be too big for any one person.

    I subscribe to the idea that B16's resignation signifies the papacy is an office and not a person. Sounds like a call for democracy to me. If that does not happen...There is always freedom of conscience!

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  5. Well Well a liberal Roman Catholic priest who doesnt want to be critcised.Well its your blog my man just as its your soul.I hope that you block out all of the homosexuals who come on to your site,peddling the i have been victimised by the Church moans and groans.

  6. Thanks, I'll leave your comment this time.