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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Diocese of Columbus, Ohio Brought This On Themselves

For responding to an anonymous complaint and then firing Carla Hale. 

The group Anonymous plans to look into the lives of others working for the Diocese of Columbus.  Now if Anonymous finds some men who are not living according to the ideals and standards of the Diocese of Columbus and not fired, then the diocese could be facing sex discrimination charges. The diocese is already in violation of a City of Columbus ordinance on non discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Local Columbus News Story With Anonymous Link

There is also an another Anonymous video talking about a planned demonstration on May 3rd. in Columbus to support Carla Hale.

Link to Anonymous Video Supporting Carla Hale


  1. Who's in -- who's out. Exciting times for RC in Cincinnati.

  2. Well BB, It's exciting times. It is in Columbus, Ohio.

    1. BB, I miss you. Wish you were here to see all the changes in the US. Now your county is a hot spot in the ongoing sex problems with priests. The good times are rolling on....Long live those days on Greenwood in Chicago. The street where Obama now has a home.