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Monday, May 27, 2013

If You Heard Something Disturbing About Gay People Today, Consider Contacting Equally Blessed

There is also this response to Cardinal Dolan and the Anti-marriage equality Sunday bulletin insert at The New Civil Rights Movement. 
A Response to Cardinal Dolan and the US Bishops

I particularly like this comment by Alex Parrish from the comments section. I include that person's comment here.

"Dolan is perfectly free to expound on on the Roman Catholic understanding of marriage, but, in the United States of America (as in many other nations) marriage is at the discretion and under the law of the State. Many churches have ceremonies surrounding the occasion, and the R.C. Church even calls it a sacrament but NONE of them can perform a valid (meaning state-recognized) marriage without a license of the state. Period. End of discussion. Dolan is a myopic sectarian bully -- and I know where of I speak; he was archbishop in my city before going to NY. The fact is that marriage equality has already come to NY and nearly a dozen other states and he is pissed-off about that. Too bad. There is no way in hell the SCOTUS is going to uphold DOMA in such a way as to invalidate all those marriages but, being a bully, Dolan is throwing a tantrum about that which is beyond his control. I certainly hope that the IRS is keeping a close watch on the RC church as other states consider equality because I expect more illegal political action from them, and sentiment is stirring to remove the tax-exempt status of sects which overstep the boundaries of what is permitted of a tax-exempt organization."


  1. US Bishops have certainly regressed - they're now displaying bigoted, hostile & abusive responses to sexual minorities. Seeking to impose sectarian practices on a secular state -- a bit mediaeval! No wonder the US needs 'separation of church & state'.

  2. Hi BB. Good to hear from you. Planting season here. Trying to get back to all the stupid things going on in the RC church. The us bishops are at the head of the list. Be well.