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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Passion of Matthew Shepard

Icon by William Hart McNichols

Dedicated to the memory of the estimated 1,470 gay and lesbian youth who commit suicide in the United States each year and to countless others who are injured or murdered.

Matthew Shepard Was Pronounced Dead at 12:53am This Morning.


  1. No one but I know the effect Matt's death had on me (and so many others). The suicides of Tyler Clementi and the others have saddened me and angered me so much I haven't been able to blog on it. Such a waste of human treasure and to steel them away from the world.

    I don't want to go on now......

  2. The loss of so many young people is so tragic. Our bishops have yet to speak out against bullying of gay youth and suicide. Why the silence? When it comes to young people it seems that many Church leaders have an, "I'm not my brother's keeper" attitude. WHY?


  3. Mareczku,

    One reason the bishops are afraid to speak out against gay bullying and gay youth suicide is because many bishops are themselves closet homosexuals. Even bringing up the subject for some reason seems to scare them. They think if they show compassion to gay youth, too many folks might get the idea that "the bishop himself is gay."


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